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Do any of these guitar lesson "pains" sound familiar?

"I've moved and I can't find a teacher I connect with."
"It's a blizzard outside and I can't make it out of my driveway, but I still want my guitar lesson."
"I'm still a little sick and would hate to share my germs, but I'm excited to continue our lesson from last week."
"Honestly, it's one of those days that I just don't want to get out of my pajamas. Could I just get my guitar lesson at home today?"

If so, you're in luck.

Hi, AJ here.

For years, I had battles in my head if Skype guitar lessons could be great.

I knew people that did them with some success. Heck, I even taught my best friend from middle school on Skype as a favor. His guitar lessons went well and he got really good, but, I wasn't happy.

I felt I was missing tools to help me teach as well as I did in person.

Since then, I've digitized all my lessons which make my private lessons flow very well. Now, those lessons are clicks away from your inbox.

The first problem of online lessons, solved.

The next hurdle is making it seem like you're next to me.

Okay... How???

Think about what happens in a normal video call. 

You get ONE camera angle. They're mostly a sad looking, far away view that feels like you're on the other side of the dinner table.

That's not going to cut it. 

Turns out, there's an app for that. The magic bullet.

Now, I use three webcams during my Skype calls!

I can cut to my left or right hands, or both. You'll see clearly what I'm doing in each hand.

Honestly, you can see what I'm doing even better than in person due to the close-up angles.

Confusion and lack of clarity are a thing of the past.


- Getting high quality guitar lessons from the comfort of your home from a full-time guitar teacher.

- Having the peace of mind that if life gets in the way you can still get your guitar lesson with your teacher.

- All of your materials, sent to your inbox. No more sloppy sheet music that's hard to read. 

Are you ready to make it happen?

Of course you are!

Here's what to do next:


Call or Text: (608) 712-2368  and ask for Skype guitar lessons.

Know someone that would like Skype guitar lessons? Send them over!

Call me on Skype through the clickable links below!


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