Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons from Me.


Encore! Encore! Encore!

Encore! Encore! Encore!

A Proven Track Record of Excellence since 2000.

I have been teaching in music stores since 2000. I have students that have graduated from music schools such as Berklee College of Music in Boston, and they are now professional musicians.

Most importantly my students keep playing, whether they are in a high school jazz band, cover band, or just like to strum chords on their couch, they all play.

I have students that have been with me for 8 years and counting!

I make musicians for life.

Your Lesson Here!

Your Lesson Here!

Visit my testimonial page to see what my students are saying.

Lessons with me is really about you, and getting you to play what you love. My goal is to make sure you reach your goals and have a great time doing it!

The Most Technologically Advanced Guitar Lessons in the Chicago Area!

My studio has everything needed for the best music lessons, including amps, computers, internet access, printers, and sheet music. All you need to do is bring your instrument.

Technology is also a big part of the lessons I provide, I use computers, printers, internet access, apps, and other music programs. This allows students to have a modern and engaging lesson using music teaching apps, music software, mp3’s and more. Also, there is very rarely a need to purchase song books as I have access to almost every song and can print it out in minutes.

I have written my own books and exercises, over 500 of them! These are included with your lessons.

I have my own video studio where I make videos with a clean professional background to watch lessons that go along with what you learned in your lesson.

No other instructors offer this technology in the Chicago area. Believe me, I checked.

I also use programs to take the mp3 of the song you are learning and I slow it down so that you can play along at a comfortable speed.

Utilizing all of this technology in my lessons allows me to be much more efficient, as I almost never have to hand write anything out. This allows me to teach in thirty minutes, what other teachers take an hour to cover! Plus, my students never get bored in their lessons, and I am always improving my methods to provide the most cutting edge experience.

In short, I'm the Tony Stark of guitar lessons.

Recording Services.

I also have a recording studio running Cubase 8.5 using a suite of Waves VST's. If you or your child want to record music to give to family and friends, audition for music college, or just for fun, I have all the tools to do so.

Guitar Maintenance.

Guitar Lessons Gurnee Guitar Academy Acoustic Electric Guitar Repair

If your guitar needs a little TLC I will help make sure that it is in the best playing shape possible.

I will teach you how to take care of your instrument, clean it, tune it, change the strings, etc... 

For repairs outside of my knowledge, I use a local guitar repairman with over 30 years of experience will make your guitar play and look great!


Certificates of Excellence for Outstanding Work!

Guitar Lessons Gurnee Guitar Academy Student of the Month.jpg

When a student of mine performs above and beyond I like to reward them with a nice certificate to remember their hard work. It feels great for them to be rewarded and have something to take home to display for friends and family to see!


Free Music Recitals at Local Venues on a Stage with a Live Band!

I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers

I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett and the Heartbreakers

I offer optional low-pressure recitals at a professional venue. Recitals are the best way for a parent to understand that their investment in lessons are worth it.

Recitals are the first Sunday in May and December held at Austin's Fuel Room in Libertyville.

For my students and their families, these recitals are completely free!

If you're not performing come support your fellow guitar students. I throw these parties for all of my students!

Located Off of Grand Ave & O'Plaine Near the High School and Library.

Lessons are at my home studio, please call or email at for directions.

A Comfortable Waiting Area for my Students and their Families.

Lessons are in my home studio, and my students can relax in a relaxing waiting room with comfy seating, books, magazines, TV (always playing a concert video!), bottled water, tea, and coffee.

Or if you prefer you can sit in on the lesson anytime you like.

Month to Month Lessons.

Kids Rock Guitar Lessons Gurnee Guitar Academy.jpg

Guitar Lesson Packages start at $140 per month. If your lessons is on a 5th week of the month you aren't charged extra. That's four free lessons per year for you!

Cancellation is easy. Just a simple email, call, or text the week of your lesson to will do.

Email:  Call or Text: (608) 712-2368 

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